Arduino Training [Summer Training]


Why Arduino?

Course will let you learn and explore Embedded Electronics with Arduino and Real time implementation.

Duration : 30 days

Type : Online Training


Earlier techies used different micro-controllers which have difficult/complex programming (assembly language) however, to write/burn programming code in micro-controller we need a separate burner to write/burn code in micro-controller.

But to overcome this –

  • Complex programming replaced by high level programming language and
  • All the essential components like burner and different ICs, power supply like 3.3V and 5V by different voltage regulator IC’s is now built on-board called as development board. For example Arduino Uno, Arduino Nano, Raspberry pi etc.

Arduino Course Content

Course Content

  1. Basic Electronics
  2. Embedded C
  3. Arduino Board and Arduino IDE
  4. PCB designing concept
  5. LCDKeypad interfacing
  6. Various Sensors Interfacing
  7. MIT Android App Inventor
  8. Wireless modules – RFID & Bluetooth
  9. Android App for electronics
  10. GSM – SIM800L Interfacing with Arduino
  11. GPS Interfacing with Arduino

Projects Covered

  1. Home Automation
  2. Machine Health Monitoring
  3. Water Tank Monitoring System
  4. Data Logger System

and many more…


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