Raspberry Pi Training


Course offers hands on with the latest Technological trends used in real world industry/ corporate. Students will get to learn various technologies like IoT, Image Processing, Cloud APIs along with much demanded language Python.

Duration : 30 days

Type : Online Training


Raspberry Pi Course Content

Course Content

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 / Zero W
  2. Python
  3. Python Cloud API
  4. Various Sensors Interfacing
  5. Camera interfacing
  6. IoT implementation
  7. Social Media Integration
  8. Image Processing
  9. Object Recognition
  10. Face Recognition

Projects Covered

  1. Automated Surveillance System
  2. OCR – Image to Text(  Voice )
  3. Home Automation
  4. Online Data Logger system( Email, Excel sheet, PHP server).
  5. Display Board System
  6. Object Tracking bot
  7. Face based Attendance System
  8. Automation via Twitter/chat app

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July 2021, August 2021


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